August 29th screening was a hit!

A huge thanks to all of our presenters – we finished right on time, but we’ll definitely set up time slots next time to guarantee a spot to those pre-registering.

* Representing our host, Alex Ionescu presented the ePrize LLC 2011 and 2010 demo reels.

* Mark Willis (Demo Reel) I presented the trailer for Trespass (you won’t find any green boxes in those glasses!) and a time-lapse short film – filmed on location in southwestern Michigan.

* Dave Perry: presented his demo reel (you don’t want to miss Dave’s hard surface modeling).

* Joseph Coleman: presented his demo reel – which I’m not going to hesitate to say, demonstrated very powerfully the effect of a well-polished reel – and a short, which I’m failing to find a link for.

* I don’t have a reel to link yet, but, I demo’d the results of my time with the Joan of Arc modeling tutorial to get some feedback & crits.

* Jasmine Harris was unable to attend, but here’s her portfolio.

I wish I had links to the rest of the great material shown that night, but thanks to all of you for sharing your work!

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