Motion Picture Institute Tour

The Detroit ACM SIGGRAPH chapter has setup a tour of the Motion Picture Institute. The Motion Picture Institute offers students a unique environment where they will attend school amidst the making of films. It is in this industrious atmosphere that students will immerse themselves into their education and something they are passionate about.

mpi_bldg Motion Picture Institute Tour,  May 8th 6:30 – 8pm
2040 Crooks Rd, Ste B, Troy, MI 48084

MPI is structured as a school within a studio. Their classrooms are the sound stages, editorial suites and war rooms for each student production. Their educational objective at MPI is to offer students a training ground that stays current with technological advances, a hands on production that stresses technique over theory, and a creative curriculum that challenges their imaginations. But most importantly, to give their students a supportive environment with personalized attention that prepares them for a successful career in the film and television industry.

For more info, contact: Deb Scott, Vice President, Detroit ACM SIGGRAPH chapter (914)826-0232 Kurt Eli Mayry – Motion Picture Institute CFO (248) 528-1760 2040 Crooks Rd, Ste B, Troy, MI 48084 (Between Temple City Dr and Maplelawn Dr)

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